The Do's and Don'ts of Helping an Only Child During a Divorce

During a divorce, there are significant pros and cons to being an only  child. Although an only child doesn’t have to deal with sibling rivalry  that can sometimes worsen during a divorce, he or she does miss out on  the chance to relate to brothers and sisters who are also dealing with  this major change to the family. Follow these dos and don'ts when  helping your only child through the divorce.


Finances and Divorce: How to Divide Debt and Assets

 One of the most frustrating and messiest parts of a divorce is dealing  with the separation of finances, property and debt. If you and your  former spouse are able to civilly determine who will get what financial  aspects, the process can be simpler. You will only need to provide the  court with a marital settlement agreement that details your agreement.

However,  if you are unable to work together to deal with the financials of your  partnership, the court will get involved to make the decisions for you.  The following is some information you will need to know if you are  facing a separation of assets and debt in a divorce.